chakra meditation

Chakra Balancing

the word chakra translates from the Sanskrit language, "to wheel" or "to disk" each chakra corresponds to specific organs as well as the physical, emotional, phycological, and spiritual state of being.

Influencing all areas of your life.


symptoms of blocked chakras

low self-esteem

Difficulty making decisions

anger or control issues

digestive issues

repeating unwanted patterns in one or more areas of your life.

low physical energy

trust issues

difficulty expressing yourself

lack of boundaries




difficulty sleeping 

loss of appetite 


inability to organize surroundings



inability to complete a task

inability to sustain love life

If you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms, most likely there is a block in one or more chakra/chakras 



In chakra balancing through a guided meditation, we locate the origin of the blockage. then through a customized guided meditation using the elements, crystals, and colors associated with the chakra that is being healed we clear and heal the chakra